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Firstly, thank you for paying my website a visit.  I hope you enjoy having a look around as much as I have enjoyed capturing the images, for your pleasure.  I have tried to make it as interesting as possible, using a variety of subjects, thus through pictures, giving you an idea of who I am and what I see with my eye, on a daily basis.

My love of photography goes back decades.  I can’t tell you how many, (or I would have to kill you) as that is classified information. lol.   I actually only went digital in 2008, kicking and screaming I have to add, as it was never my intention to get so techno!!   I have even had to learn to use Photoshop, which if you knew just how many decades we were talking about, you would know how challenging this has been, and that is only scratching the surface of it. I still have to call on good friends occasionally for help with a particularly challenging project!!  Mike Robbins and Armando Barcenas Jr, and have had unlimited moral and technical support from some amazing photographer friends, too many to mention individually but in particular Scott Wilkie, because without his support and patience with my endless questions, I doubt I would be introducing myself today, nor without Iain Ferguson, who has given me so much confidence, as over many years, has used my pictures often, for local papers and magazines.

I was 15 years old when my Mentor, Mick Tighe, showed me how to use an OM1 and an OM10.  That is all it took.   I was hooked.   He was (still is) an incredible mountaineer and took the most amazing images on his travels, giving talks and slideshows on his return, and it was from there my love of photography was born.   

I had various wee camera’s, compacts, nothing fancy and it was in fact only when my daughter Jenna was born in 1989 that I spent approx. £2500 on an Olympus (OM40) SLR with all the various lenses and gadgets to go with it.   I thought, “Why would I pay good money to a photographer, when I wanted to take the photographs myself?” I knew that I was the one who was going to get the reactions and interaction that I was looking for.

I worked for an International Airline for 26 years approx. and literally got to see the world, either from the back of my eyelids because I was exhausted or through a lens.  The opportunity to see so many wonders of the world and to study different cultures was a photographer’s paradise.  There was an occasion once during World Superbikes when I blagged my way on to South Africa’s best known racing circuit, Kyalami Racetrack, Midrand, flashing my Airline ID, wearing a pair of sawn off denim shorts, and professing to be Press!!!

I shoot everything and anything.  Photography is an art and if you don’t have the eye, then no amount of technical ability and knowledge is going to give you a picture that has that cutting edge. Well, that is my opinion.  One of many haha

Sports photography is my passion but then I think, no, wildlife is, but then I love taking pictures of children and babies.  Their expressions are priceless and to capture that is a privilege, so the bottom line is, I don’t know what kind of photographer I am.  I adore Street photography, it’s amazing and if it moves it gets snapped.  I love landscape too but haven’t got the patience to sit for hours, waiting on the perfect picture so if I am lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, then it is happy days.  All this candid photography at weddings etc. suits my style down to the ground because there is nothing better than getting that natural, beautiful picture as events unfold.

Maybe you can tell me what kind of photographer I am.   Story of my life really, I was never amazing at anything because I was always too busy trying to be good at everything. I could never make up my mind, to just do one thing and be the best I could be, but then, that is who I am and for me, it keeps life interesting.

My Mum rescues, mainly birds but in fact it can be any kind of animal, often hand rearing from the onset and I am so lucky to not only get to see these amazing creatures for myself but to be able to record their progress and development back to health and I love nothing better than to share this with anyone who is interested because some of these little creatures are rare and not everyone gets to see them in a lifetime so the very least I can do is share the experience in the only way I know how.

So much more I could tell you but this isn’t about me Per se, it is about my images, so enjoy and please feel free to contact me if you have questions, opinions or you just want to say hello.

Thanks again for dropping by.  Kim ☺

Oh, one more thing, maybe I could dedicate my website to Ken Anderson, a well respected Photo Journalist who sadly died many years ago, whilst taking pictures of Margaret Thatcher at Dalcross Airport Inverness.  Ken was an inspiring man who gave me my first opportunity to train to do the same but sadly his death was devastating and I was young and gave up too quickly on following my dream of becoming a photographer so I think he would be thrilled to know that in fact I never gave up taking pictures. despite my change in career 🙂